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S.T - Distraction in its true form (via novemberdepth)

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People get drunk
They hook up with the wrong person
And pretend to be okay
People act tough
And get mad

People will do anything to distract their heart.
They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.





Can’t go over it.

Can’t go under it.

Can’t go around it.

Gotta go through it.

Trying to explain depression or anxiety to someone who’s never experienced it.

This belongs here.


I think this might be one of my fav posts.

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There’s a difference between “feeling sad” and “depression”. There’s a difference between “not liking what you see in the mirror” and “self hate”. There’s a difference between “feeling shit” and “feeling shit enough to take a blade to your skin”. There’s a difference between “I went to bed at 1am” and “insomnia”. There’s a difference between “skipping a meal” and “an eating disorder”. I just wish people would realise.

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what the american school system teaches us

What every school system teaches us*

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This campaign is great, really makes you look closer instead of just and quick stereotypical glance 

GSR Entrance Hall System

Advertising Agency: SPR Agency, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Via

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Gerard Way’s message to the young women in the crowd. Fonda Theatre 10/14/14. (via sky3cifervalo)

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The old white dudes that are in charge of everything are scared as fuck of YOU.
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